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DELHI Winter Season 17-18
Friday, May 11 , 2018
Race Day: 30
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Going Good

False Rails : No False Rails

Penetro Meter Reading : 2

A Handicap for Horses rated 20 TO 46
03:45 PM
Gallop Away
 At the start, GALLOP AWAY (MI Qureshi) jumped awkwardly outwards. AAO SHAO (Himalaya S Pawar) threw its head and was slow to begin.
Master Phoenix
 Jockey Ramandeep Singh Bal (MASTER PHOENIX) reported that his mount lugged in in the straight. Trainer S Nawab has been asked to take remedial measures before next accepting to race.
Shane Punjab
 Jockey S Lait (SHANE PUNJAB) has been fined Rs.3000/ for using his whip in excess of the prescribed limit on his mount.(1st offence) The Stewards interviewed Jockey S Lalit and having heard the submissions made by him at the time of hearing the Objection. The Stewards were of the opinion that he had ridden in a dangerous manner wherein he had used the whip in his left hand due to which his mount (SHANE PUNJAB) shifted in and badly interfered with ONE TWO THREE (Arman Ali Jafri) and instead of correcting his whip hand, he persisted with the use of whip in his left hand and caused severe interference to MY ABLAZE (Dhanu S Deora) along the rails. His riding was full of risk and could have caused an accident.

A Handicap for Horses rated 80 AND ABOVE
04:15 PM
 At the start, PROFITABLE (Akash Rajput) jumped out awkwardly. Jockey Akash Rajput (PROFITABLE) has been fined Rs.5000/ for using his whip in excess of the prescribed limit on his mount.
Hello Hello
 Jockey Jai Parkash (HELLO HELLO) when questioned stated that his instructions were to be 6th or 7th position and to do his best in the straight. He added that in the previous run of the gelding in Race No.237, the jockey had positioned the gelding at the rear and won from there. It was observed that Jockey Jai Parkash did not sufficiently improve his mount soon on entering the straight and till about 150 metres and when the Jockey used the whip near 100 metres, the gelding responded well and had the Jockey used the whip earlier than he actually did, the horse would have finished better. Not being satisfied with the explanation of the Jockey, he has been fined Rs.4000/ for not sufficiently persevering with his mount in the straight.
Ashwa Manjri
 Near 100 metres, ASHWA MANJRI (SG Prasad) was inconvenienced while racing on the inside of TATANKA (J Chinoy).

A Handicap for Horses rated 40 TO 66
04:45 PM
 Trainer Rajinder was questioned with regard to the comparative run of his charge, SEAHORSE, the winner. He stated that on the previous occasion the mare was slowly away in a 1200 metres race and ridden out from the start. He added that today the mare ran 200 metres more as it was a 1400 metres race which may have suited her. There was a change of equipment as he had used Cheeks and also used a Rubber Bit and today also his charge was slow, but was ridden by a better rider. Whilst noting the explanation, Trainer Rajinder has been asked to be more careful in future.
Golden Guinea
 GOLDEN GUINEA (Dhanu S Deora) drifted outwards after the start and went across MIDLEXESS (Narain Singh).
 At the start, SURAAGNA (GS Shekhawat) was slowly away. SEA STORM (Arman Ali Jafri) jumped out awkwardly. After the race, SURAAGNA was found to be lame by its leftfore. Trainer Magan Singh has been asked to obtain a veterinary certificate of fitness prior to presenting his charge for any future trial or race.
Golden Magic
 Jockey Rajinder Saini (GOLDEN MAGIC) has been fined Rs.3000/ for using his whip in excess of the prescribed limit on his mount. After the race, Jockey Rajinder Saini (GOLDEN MAGIC) reported that he was asked to position his mount amongst the first four horses. He added that the pace of the race became fast near 1000 metres and his mount was unable to pace herself and lost position and thereafter he had done his best. The explanation was noted.

TERMS - 3 years old only
05:15 PM
Solid Wood
 At the start, SOLID WOOD (Dhanu Singh Deora) jumped awkwardly and drifted outwards causing VICTORIOUS KING (Akash Rajput) to travel wide for a few strides.

A Handicap for Horses rated 1 TO 26
05:45 PM
South Princess
 At the start, SOUTH PRINCESS (Kundan Paswan) jumped out awkwardly.
 Jockey Sandeep Rajput (TERRIFIC) was observed to have used his whip in excess of the prescribed limit on his mount. This being his 4th offence with regard to the use of the whip, the matter has been reported to the Stewards. Consideration of the matter was deferred to the next meeting of the Stewards.
Kelp Kayiar
 Near 300 metres, KELP KAYIAR (Akash Rajput) shifted in and carried ASHWA KUNDAN (SG Prasad) inwards who was steadied.
Miss Lee
 In the final 100 metres, MISS LEE (Ramandeep S Bal)) did not get a clear run on the inside of DOUBLE VICTORY (Praveen Saini).

A Handicap for Horses rated 1 TO 26
06:15 PM
 Jockey R Rakesh (GHUNGROO) reported the loss of the whip near 150 metres.(1ST offence)

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