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Why has the season not started, Mr Chairman?

  November 4 , 2017

Why has the Bangalore Winter Season not started, Mr Chairman? The Bangalore Winter Season traditionally starts on the first Saturday of November but there is no news on the fate of the season. Everyone knows that the club has been unable to get the license to run its activities by the government which has denied on the specious ground that there is an ongoing CID enquiry on the affairs of the club. The 50 memberships that the government has demanded is also another serious reason for the stalemate.

But is it not incumbent on the Chairman of the club to brief the racing fraternity the truth. He is duty bound to inform the racing enthusiasts what is going on and what attempts are being made to resolve the issue. Is he confident that the resolution to expand the membership will go through? Does his committee have alternate plans in place? When is the expected time when the winter season can start? Is the Managing Committee making sincere efforts to broker a peace with the government or embarking on the dangerous path of taking legal recourse with serious consequences to the wellbeing of the club? These are questions that are being put in public domain and one expected that the Chairman would have clarified at least through the Press. The silence is deafening, to say the least.

That the internal feud led to the present state of affairs is too well known to merit repetition. What is despairing is that there seems to be total unanimity in letting the sport to be destroyed by the personal egos of the members who think that they are god`s gift to racing and that others don`t deserve to become members. While every club in Bangalore periodically increases the strength of the membership, the BTC members are refusing to budge benefitting by the Articles of the Association which mandates that 3/4ths of the majority should vote on any amendment.

The BTC members were very critical of the previous committee for not delaying the no-confidence against the previous chairman despite being requested by the government functionaries. What would have happened if they had waited and given in to the demand of the government nominees not to go ahead with the removal of the Chairman? One week`s time would not have brought the heavens down is what they are shouting hoarse. How can they take on the government was another question popped up by them? But the same members don`t mind a full-fledged battle with the government, little realizing the consequences of such a foolhardy step.

The club faced a similar situation in 1987 when the then Chairman of the Club was removed through a no-confidence motion despite a warning from the then Finance Secretary of the severe consequences for the act of the Managing Committee members. The situation was different then. P G Belliappa who took over as the Chairman could gather the support of the members and the media to battle against the government which had also formed the Karnataka Racing Board to take over racing at BTC and Mysore Race Club. The sustained efforts and the goodwill that the committee had helped tide over the crisis as the government yielded and backed off. But the situation now is totally different. BTC stands discredited following serious allegations by its own functionaries. The Bangalore Turf Club has become the laughing stock of all the turf clubs in the country for its shenanigans. The members lack the maturity to decide on issues without being egoistic. They believe that membership is their divine right and they should fight for their privileges even if it means that the sport must be compromised.

The committee has not divulged what is in store despite being fully aware of the fact that the resolution in its present form will be defeated. There is also a strong pressure from a section of the members to even withdraw the resolution. Many believe that membership should not only be given to government nominees but to also other sections of the racing fraternity by broad-basing it. A section of the young Turks is insisting on taking the matter to the court promising the others that the club would be able to get the license restored in 15 days.

What these young Turks don`t realize is that the club cannot afford to take on a hostile government as it is totally dependent on running racing activities on the support extended by various government agencies. Any adverse action from these agencies would spell the doom for the sport. The members would do well to see the writing on the wall and accept for an increase of membership with or without amendment. The coffers of the club have dried up and they cannot afford a long-drawn battle of attrition with the government unless they pool the money from their pockets.

Unfortunately, the members who command respect and have the wisdom to intervene are not taking an active interest and have allowed things to drift. The younger members are totally ignorant of history and are not aware of how the club had progressed all these years facing so many turbulences by yielding when the situation demanded. The club reluctantly voted for the increase of membership by 100 in the year 1978 because of the government mandate. Ironically, most of the opponents of the resolution would not have been members had the 1978 amendment not been carried out with the 3/4ths majority!

The employees of the club are restless and things could go out of hand and the existing committee could be hounded out on November 15 if there is no progress in the next one week. The desperate situation can lead to disparate results. It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things but when wisdom takes a back seat, things can slip out of control.

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Total Comments : 10
Posted by Disgusting on ( November 3 , 2017 )
It is an interesting fact highlighted by the story. You are right. If the 1978 resolution was not accepted, the present lot of members who are opposing induction of fresh members wouldn`t have been there. They would have been aborted like the resolution itself!

Now the same people who became members thanks to the resolution don`t want any new members. You can`t find more selfish people than these anywhere in the world. These people, if they had the power, would have sterilized the whole world to prevent any new birth little realizing that their place on earth is not permanent.
Posted by Kiran on ( November 3 , 2017 )
You have rightly said that the Chairman should have briefed the public as to what is going on. By keeping silent, everyone is kept in the dark. This is simply shameful.
Posted by Donald on ( November 3 , 2017 )
I think the members are acting like Donal Trump who wants to throw out all immigrants. In the same way, these members are preventing entry of new members. The attitude displayed is the same as that of Trump. We want the club to ourselves. Nobody new is allowed. Disgusting.
Posted by Shyam on ( November 3 , 2017 )
I think the present committee should resign for moving a faulty resolution which is not acceptable to the majority of members. They should have taken the consent as to which type of resolution was acceptable before approaching the government for permission. These members are playing a farce on the government by asking for permission for a resolution that they know full well will be doomed and not find acceptance.
Posted by Sunder on ( November 3 , 2017 )
I wish in 1978, the members had stuck to their guns and not voted for an increase of membership by 100 under government pressure. Many of the riff-raff who not have become members now and creating all sorts of problems would not have been members of the club.
Posted by Dev from blore on ( November 4 , 2017 )
The members are biggest traitors, in hindi its known as "jis thali mein khata hai use me ched karta hai" means u eat in a plate and later make hole in d same plate, on 15th Nov too nothing will happen as they will just fight and go away like politics, all these ppl show be made to resign immediately or should be thrown out. The work which should be resolved in 15 mins is dragged and i am sure it will continue and BTC will soon be permanently locked and land will be grabbed by politicians.
Posted by Abhilash on ( November 4 , 2017 )
Very Pathetic Chairman & Members we have at BTC, Dear BTC Chairman & non voting members if you not an well matured to take decision please Resign From your post and get last with your personal work, Next session I am going to share your very gud news follower & Readers

Thanks & Regards,
Abhilash KVS
Posted by Ak on ( November 5 , 2017 )
Better give and take policy is best give 50 membership for govt nominee and ask them to renewe licence for twenty years
Posted by Atchut on ( November 4 , 2017 )
Again same scenario would repeat, submitting resignation
B4 15.11.17 by committee members. Shame shame shame BTC
Posted by Kgowda on ( November 3 , 2017 )
Perfect article, every single point is well thought, if membership wouldn`t have increased at that time, these so called many members wouldn`t have been part of the club,, u members are selfish people forgot the ladder through which u guys entered to the channel of membership,, and deny for others to follow????
Shame on you guys
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