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The questions that the Chairman needs to answer

  June 1 , 2018

There are several shortcomings in the way medication of horses is done in Bangalore Turf Club. There is no check on what the private veterinarians do. The recent instance of Premarin, a female sex hormone being given to a male horse has raised sufficient storm to put the club in poor light.

What is more shocking is that the treating vet has reportedly told during the enquiry that he has given this medication to several horses both in the present and in the past. Has the club been able to obtain the log sheets as to when this drug was given and to which horse in the past? How did the vets not able to detect this issue early because Premarin had been used by the vet for several years? What were the club`s vets doing?

To compound matters, the private vet shockingly revealed his ignorance of the medication rules which is periodically updated. A racehorse is exposed to the risk of breaking down during a race and subsequently euthanized, but these are the hazards that any sportsmen face. However, to ensure that the health of the horse is not compromised through injection of substances which are not naturally produced in the body, the medication rules are in place and as such ignorance is a crime.

Harimohan Naidu has been the Chairman of the Club in the past along with Satish Chandra and they should be aware of the goings-on. As administrators they are duty bound to know everything. Otherwise they will be failing the test of commitment to the post they hold. Since these worthies rarely take questions, I would like to put the following questions before them through this medium so that the racing public is well informed.

1. What is the arrangement that the trainer has with a private vet?

2. Are these vets certified by the club?

3. Are the private vets allowed to use the facility of the club to conduct operations in the club`s hospital?

4. Is the treatment given by the private vets logged in the book without fail and the same ratified by the Chief Veterinary Officer?

5. Is there a system of the trainer presenting the log book for ratification every day or at the end of week so that all entries are updated in the club`s computer system?

6. Do the club`s records show the use of Premarin at any instance by a private vet or the club`s vet?

7. Is it not shocking that medication is being administered to horses without the club`s principal vet being not aware of what is going on?

8. Is the club conducting any refresher course to educate the trainers about the medication rules as most of the trainer feign ignorance when they land in a problem?

9. Should the club not enlighten the trainers by asking the reputed vets to update them about the rules that are periodically changed or altered, or additional conditions brought in?

10. After treatment at the club`s hospital, is the vet guiding the trainer about the number of days that a racehorse cannot race?

11. What if the horse comes positive even after following the advice? Will the trainer get the benefit of doubt?

12. What is the system of punishment followed?

13. Why are the punishments not quantified and left to the discretion of the Stewards giving scope for manipulation?

14. Is the club going beyond the obvious of punishing the trainers for vicarious responsibility?

15. Is there a transparent system where anyone can access the information about the trainer and his past record of medical infringements?

16. Why is the database of trainers and incorporating all their commissions and omissions not listed in the club`s website?

17. Why are the medication rules not published in the club`s website?

18. What is the process that takes place once a positive is notified by the testing laboratory?

19. How is it that the information is leaked selectively even before the club officially announces that a horse has come positive?

20. Why does the club not notify about the preliminary report of a horse having come positive for the benefit of the racing public?

21. Why is this process not put out in its websites like the British Horse Racing website which is perhaps the best in the world for both being comprehensive and for being prompt with information as soon as a Stewards enquiry is over?

22. Why is the club attempting to hide information most of the times?

23. Are the club mandarins not concerned about the image of racing as well as the integrity of the sport?

In these days when it is easy to disseminate information, providing vital information and making them available through search facility will eliminate much of the suspicion that prevails now. The club needs to put the protocol in place especially after the Queen Latifa episode which unnecessarily put the club in a serious problem.

Will the Chairman and his members take the trouble of implementing these suggestions in the interest of the sport? In the past various suggestions put out by this writer have been acted upon including incorporating veterinary treatment reports in the race card.

One former Steward of the club made an interesting observation: ``Racing goes on without anyone bothering about it. The committee members just come in properly dressed and take photographs in the paddock and go. There seems to be no interaction between the Committee and the owners, trainers and jockeys. Each group does what it wants! And the paying public is ignorant. They too come and go!``

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Total Comments : 10
Posted by Chandra on ( June 1 , 2018 )
The Chairman believes that silence is golden. So he won`t be forthcoming with any explanation. He is the Chairman because of the perks that it may give. No commitment to racing. The same goes for the other senior steward who is all the time grumpy as if somebody has robbed him. All that I know is that he is a punter who lost big in racing which reflects on his sad face which he keeps all the time. There is also too much negativity in his thinking as well.
Posted by STAR HEAVEN on ( June 2 , 2018 )
Good Article Mr SHARAN,
Where is the management in BTC. In the owner`s stand all sort`s of bad element`s roam around and abuse the jockey`s and trainer`s if the fav. loses.Is there a rule that only favourites should win.
The member`s who have no stake in racing should be shown the exit door earlier the better. Max give them 1 year fom today to buy a horse or should be shown the door or the member`s should pay 25 lakhs for membership if they want to be a member for freebies.
The medication rules are not followed.Time and again the same trainer`s like Dominic for e.g who is a regular offender is let off.
No policing of races. The entire PROSPECTUS is not fixed properly. No long distance races.The handicapper who is good for nothing should be sent home and races should be framed for all distances for all classes.
I might write more but I feel nothing will happen as BTC has gone to the dog`s long ago.
Posted by Hari on ( June 2 , 2018 )
Mr Sharan, the headline of the story should have been: The questions that the Chairman will not answer!
Posted by Satish on ( June 2 , 2018 )
You have raised relevant questions. I am sure the Stewards themselves have no clue as they don`t apply their mind. For them, ignorance is bliss while it is blister for the others.
Posted by speedo on ( June 1 , 2018 )
Sharan why don`t the management inject themselves with Premarin...... maybe this may help them to work overtime :-))
Posted by Harish on ( May 31 , 2018 )
Good write up. Added to this are some more questions which the Chairman has to answer regarding general administration.

1. What is the role of the CEO. Why he is antagonising all the people in the club incuding punters, trainers, owners, jockeys and last but not the least the punters.

2. How many elected members attend the races regularly. Why they are not attending. If they are not interested why they are there? For whose benefit.?

3. How is illegal bookmakers allowed to operate right under the nose of the members. What are these elite and educated members doing?

4. How are the rowdy elements allowed to be present in the members enclosure who at the slightest oppportunity hurl choicest of the abuses at the tote operators. These operators are left to fend for themselves despite the presence of police.

5. How are police allowing bad elements and illegal bookmakers operate in the race course despite the commissioner himself being the steward of the club?

6. How are certain tote operators and runner boys allowed to work continuously without break? How they manage to stay in one place without being rotated? How they are allowed to use mobiles and mingle freely with the illegal bookmakers? Do the police or tax authorities check their mobliles? If not why?

7. When illegal bookmakers are allowed to operate freely without paying anything why the legal bookmakers not allowed despite agreeing to pay substantial amount as star fees. Who has to decide on them? are the authorities forcing their will on them?

8. Why 200 rs. charged for those punters who use members encloure? What happens to this amount collected? How come rowdy elements allowed freely in the members enclosures who create havoc at the drop of a hat?

9. Why minimum attendance not enforced on members?

10. Why members get privilages when they are noncontributors in any sense of the word?
Posted by n shivakumar on ( May 31 , 2018 )

Posted by Raja Ram on ( June 1 , 2018 )
Dear Sharan Sir,

Since you are raising all these questions hence they feel embarsed to discuss with you in person. No sooner the government should take over the club and function it by appointing a IAS officer as the CEO.
Mr Satish Chandra is nicknamed as " M S Ramiah of BTC" as feels like demolishing any structure in order to put up a new one with ulterior motive.
Mr Shivaprasad as I know him comes from a village in Gundalpet and know as street fighter in Mysore circles. He is got another 5 months and he wants to go back to teaching profession imagine the plight of children.

Raja Ram
Posted by Ranga on ( June 1 , 2018 )
Though I am coming to race for more than two decades, I can`t recall all the names of the Stewards. I heard that there is somebody by the name of Kuga who is also a steward. For the time, I saw on Friday somebody by name Kittu as Steward of the club. Why has the club elected such unknown faces as stewards this time?
Posted by Dr Ravi on ( June 1 , 2018 )
Dr Jagadish, your argument is not logical. You are saying that the drug does contain hormones. One is not talking of feminization of the horse but per se use of the drug which is banned because it contains female hormone. Also, I can`t understand what therapeutic value the drug has other than being a hormone?
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