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Mumbai Winter Season 2021-2022
Sunday, March 27, 2022
Race Day: 18
Going Good
False Rails:
Penetro Meter Reading : 3.8
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TERMS - 3 years old only
1200 M
Video   5.00 P.M.
Winner: Rs. 2,247,398 Second: Rs. 749,132 Third: Rs. 374,567 Fourth: Rs. 187,283
Fifth: Rs. 112,370     Total : Rs. 3,670,750
Top Wt : 56 Bottom Wt : 54½  
Rs Hn Fn Horse Detail
AWt CWt Dr Sh Eqp Wby OOdds COdds FTime
1 1  
Ahead Of My Time 3y bc         
Excellent Art (GB) / Miss Danehill(IRE)
Stud: Villoo's Greenfield
Trainer: Dallas Todywalla
Jockey: Suraj Narredu53  
56 56 3 A TS 1 1/4 27/100 35/100 1:11.259
Barrier to finish under mere urgings to score on expected lines without raising an ounce of sweat for a thundering success
Owner color: Red, white maltese cross
3 2  
Coeur De Lion 3y bc         
Roderic O'connor(IRE) / Sweeping Star
Stud: Poona
Trainer: Narendra Lagad
Jockey: C S Jodha49  
56 56 5 A BLK TS 7 3/4 5 1/2 7/1 1:11.806
2nd till turn, outpaced thereafterIncidents: It was observed that approaching the 100 metres, COEUR DE LION luggedin in the straight despite Jockey’s effort. Trainer Narendra Lagad has been asked to take remedial measures, before next accepting to race. COEUR DE LION was examined in the stables by Sr. Veterinary Officer on 28th March 2022 and found to be sound.
Owner:  M/s Hooshang K. Pashootan, Maloji Bhosale & Ramesh Chandra Mehta
Owner color:  
4 3  
Golden Neil 3y chg         
Excellent Art (GB) / Mauna Kea
Stud: Poona
Trainer: Narendra Lagad
Jockey: T S Jodha51  
56 56 1 A TS Dist   30/1 1:13.049
Last till turn, beat one in the end
Owner:  Mr R. M. Goculdas & Mr Dilip Goculdas rep. B. S. & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Owner color:  
5 4  
Mozelle 3y bf         
Roderic O'connor(IRE) / Equine Lover
Stud: Villoo's Greenfield
Trainer: Altaf Hussain
Jockey: Trevor Patel52  
54½ 54½ 4 A     20/1 1:15.151
4th till turn, lost pace thereafterIncidents: MOZELLE (P. Trevor, dr.4) reared up as the start was effected due to which the filly lost about 3 lengths at the start. It was observed that passing the 400 metres, MOZELLE (P. Trevor) luggedin in the straight despite Jockey’s effort. Trainer Altaf Hussain has been asked to take remedial measures, before next accepting to race.
Owner:  Dr Cyrus S. Poonawalla, Mr Adar C. Poonawalla & Mrs Natasha A. Poonawalla rep. Villoo Poonawalla Racing & Breeding Pvt Ltd, Mr Mukul Sonawala, Mr D RThacker rep. DT Racing & Breeders LLP, M/s S. R. Sanas, Saleem Fazelbhoy & Solomon F. Sopher
Owner color: Red, white maltese cross, white cap
Tote Favourite: Ahead Of My Time
Won by: 1 1/4, 2 1/4, 7 3/4, Dist,
Change of equipments: Coeur De Lion (TS ON)
Veterinary Treatments: Golden Neil (Castration 08/02/2022)
Bangalore Dividends
(Indian Rupees)
Win Place SHP Forecast Quinnella Trinnella Exacta
12  11,18 35 51 25 58 & 10


Live Results - Mysore , October 6 2022
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