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Magileto springs a surprise in S C Jain Sprinters Cup
Review: By: Sharan Kumar
February 3 , 2024

Trainer Aman Hussain saw his horse, Magiletgo, expertly guided by Suraj Narredu, secure a commanding victory in the Grade 2 Dr S C Jain Sprinters Cup. This race, meant for four-year-olds and older horses, took center stage during Saturday's Mumbai races. Magileto, known for its consistent career performances, surpassed expectations by triumphing over competitors with higher ratings. Despite being the lowest-rated horse in a field where others boasted ratings of over 100, Democracy showcased resilience with a commendable performance, narrowly missing victory against the front-running Magileto. However, the favorites, Market King and Ahead of My Time, significantly underperformed, prompting questions about the genuineness of their runs and rising concerns among observers.

Suraj Narredu's adept riding skills played a crucial role in Magileto's success. The day’s racing was mostly won by horses running up front as those from behind found the front-runner slipping away. On his inaugural day of riding in India, top English jockey Tom Marquand faced disappointment as the horses he rode failed to meet market expectations, preventing him from securing a win.

Trainer Antia showcased his prowess in lower-category races by securing victories in three and narrowly missing one. Renowned as a master chess player in horse racing, Antia strategically maneuvers his horses, executes calculated gambles, and adeptly avoids serious issues with the authorities. His ability to manipulate his horses' runs, minimizing scale movements and preparing them for strategic gambles, has become a hallmark of his racing strategy.

Antia consistently demonstrates his expertise, achieving success with older horses. However, these victories may not always align with the horses' true capabilities unless guided by the trainer's intentions. While punters may find Antia's horses less predictable, they become more viable options only if the market buzz gets it right.

Despite incurring fines exceeding Rs 5 lakh recently, Antia hasn't appealed any of these penalties. The fines, seemingly insufficient as a deterrent, are outweighed by the returns generated from his winning horses. Antia's approach exploits the handicapping system, allowing him to play within its confines effectively.

The prevailing shortcomings within the system have left the Stipendiary Stewards in a state of confusion, struggling to effectively address the issues at hand. Untitled, one of the day's winners, achieved a noteworthy victory under extraordinary circumstances. Apprentice jockey Bhosale faced a challenging situation, losing his left stirrup early in the race. Despite this obstacle, Bhosale adeptly clung to the saddle, and remarkably, Untitled proved to be exceptional despite the jockey's difficulty in riding out the horse.

The inconsistency in Untitled's prior performances introduces an intriguing element of mystery. The horse's capability to triumph over challenges and secure victory raises questions about its fluctuating racing history, leaving onlookers perplexed about the underlying factors influencing its performance. It is noteworthy that Antia's horses consistently follow a discernible pattern, apparent to all observers. However, more often than not, Antia manages to steer clear of trouble with the authorities, navigating through potential issues seamlessly.


Returning to the day's headline event, the S C Jain Sprinters Cup, Ahead of The Time, initially slated for a race in Dubai but hindered by technical issues, emerged as the favorite alongside Market King. The latter had showcased remarkable victories, even breaking the track record. Unfortunately, both horses ended up compromising each other's chances in the rear, courtesy of the strategies employed by their respective jockeys.

In the race, Magileto seized an uncontested lead, accelerated tremendously, and established a substantial advantage before Tom Marquand unleashed Democracy. Despite the late challenge, Magileto maintained enough cushion and stamina to secure the victory. Joaquin surged to finish in third place, while Market King disappointingly claimed the fourth position.

English jockey Tom Marquand's association with Des Marquis led to the horse garnering significant support in the betting arena, outpacing the well-performed Multiverse in the 2400 meters HPSL Kannada Cup, a race for horses rated 20 to 46. Initially trailing Alpha Domino until the straight, Des Marquis faltered disappointingly. Meanwhile, Multiverse, maintaining a strong position, surged ahead and secured a comfortable victory over Chat, leaving the rest of the contenders far behind.

Pesi Shroff's Reminiscence emerged as the sole horse of high expectations among the favorites to oblige in the 1200 meters HPSL Punjabi Cup, designed for horses rated 20 to 46. Positioned conveniently in second place until the final furlong, Reminiscence effortlessly pulled ahead to claim victory with ease over Into The Storm and Decacorn.

In a surprising turn of events, Malesh Narredu-trained Bubly Boy caused an upset in the 1400 meters HPSL Rajasthani Cup, a race for horses rated 40 to 66. Overcoming a challenging wide outside draw, Bubly Boy valiantly resisted a late surge from the favorite Lazarus to secure victory. Rambler narrowly edged out Ashwa Maghadheera to claim the third spot.

Under the guidance of Ajinkya, Dream Seller, trained by Shiraz Sunderji, clinched a thrilling victory in the 1000 meters HPSL Telugu Cup, intended for horses rated 40 to 66. Leading from the start, Dream Seller maintained a substantial lead even as New Dimension made a late charge from behind. Despite the relentless pursuit, Dream Seller held on tenaciously, securing the win with the finishing post favoring the frontrunner. Lord Vader settled for third place.

In the tightly contested 1200 meters HPSL 2024 Pan India Cup, Scorcese, trained by Noshir Cama, made a remarkable comeback from a distant position to edge out Hagibis at the post. Despite Hagibis taking an early lead and appearing poised for victory, Scorcese managed to catch up, capitalizing on the front-runner's fatigue towards the end. This victory for the quietly fancied Scorcese prevented trainer Antia from securing a fourth win on the day, his other triumphs for the day coming from Untitled, Luminosity, and Sussing.

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