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Ameeta, pioneer in many ways

Not all race horse breeders in India are as qualified as Ameeta Mehra. She has excellent academic credentials to run a stud farm of the magnitude of Usha Stud Farm. She has also inherited the requisite skills from her legendary father Maj P K Mehra who initially set up the stud farm in his own backyard before taking it to dizzy heights. Today Usha Stud Farm stands for excellence, achieved through careful selection of its stallions, broodmares and excellent upbringing which has taken Indian breeding to a different level.

Ameeta Mehra as the Managing Director of India's leading stud farm Usha Stud Farm has single-handedly shaped the destiny of the stud farm ever since the mantle fell on her following the death of her mother and father Maj P K Mehra's in an unfortunate helicopter crash at the turn of the century. Ameeta has been unsparing in her efforts to keep the stud farm at the top. The many awards that have come her way are a testimony to the commitment and dedication for the onerous job on hand.

Ameeta comes across as a person who has a thorough understanding of her profession. She does not suffer fools. She is tough talking and is also short on temper but beneath the tough exterior lies the softer side of the personality which has seen her take up many causes not only in racing but also in other spheres of human activity. She is a multi-faceted person; a prolific writer, musician and tennis enthusiast, with a life-long passion for pioneering a prototype of a new system of education through the organizations she founded in 1997. She has published books on a variety of subjects and is a guest lecturer on subjects relating to Meditation and the Science of Living. She also takes online and onsite advanced research courses in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and practice, and is the youngest board member ever to be appointed by the Government on the Governing Board of Auroville.

A gold medalist from the Irish National Stud where she completed her Equine Management diploma, Ameeta has done a course in Equine Nutrition at Kentucky (USA) and has a Management degree from the famous Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. A student of English literature, Ameeta is well read and has been editing the publication `Awakening Ray´┐Ż. She was also the first lady Stipendiary Steward of Delhi Race Club in the year 2002.

Ameeta of late has been taking active interest in the promotion of the sport. She is a Counsel Member of the National Horse Breeding Society of India and the Stud Book Authority of India. She is also on the working group of RWITC which is entrusted with the onerous responsibility of marketing the sport. She was also responsible for the quick launch of the website of Indian Stud Book and initiated the NHBSI website launch.

Her singular aim in the sport is to facilitate various groups to work together collaboratively for a common goal, to take Indian Breeding and Racing to the International Arena.

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