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Capt Appoo, high profile all-rounder

Capt Jamshed Appoo shot into limelight in the last decade as a leading race horse owner with a string of good horses which made an immediate impact on Indian racing. One of his earliest purchases, Lady Moura won a bagful of graded races, went to Singapore to race there and came back as a broodmare and proved her worth at the stud farm by foaling the multi-classic winning Sweeping Success and graded race winner and champion sprinter Lady One.

Iceberg who raced in his colours is the dam of the current leading four-year old filly in the country, Icebreaker who has already won two classics. Jamshed Appoo was also Steward and Committee member of Royal Western India Turf Club last year. Appoo is also the sponsor of several races at different racing centres. Thus the profile of Captain Jamshed Jimmy Appoo is that of an all rounder who has made his mark in Indian racing in all aspects of the sport. Added to that his horses always run to potential and this trait also has won him many admirers. Capt Jamshed Appoo is a welcome addition to the list of leading owners who have made an impact on racing in India by their positive contribution in all aspects of the sport.

Though he is relatively a late entrant to the sport, he is a high profile owner. Since he races mostly top quality horses, he has won his share of classics in India in quick time. In recent times, he has been buying horses exclusively from the Poonawalla Stud Farm and the results justify his total trust in the horses bred at this stud farm. He also breeds with his mares at the same stud farm and proved successful in that area also. After enjoying good success with trainer Cooji Katrak, Capt Appoo broke off from the controversial trainer and shifted his base from Mumbai to Bangalore about five years ago. Now the majority of his horses are with trainer Padmanabhan with whom he has struck a fine understanding. The combination has proved beneficial to both as highlighted by the remarkable success in big races.

Capt Appoo has owned top thoroughbreds like Radical Force, Noble Prince, Lady Moura, Rapidash, Rosmini, Rain Splasher, Icebreaker, Retribution, Rhapsidion Snow Red Eagle et al who have been big race winners. Appoo brings an air of freshness with his enthusiasm and desire to win all the time. Though at times he can be very demanding, he quickly forgets the failures and back to his cheerful self in quick time. This is what makes him an endearing owner to the trainer as he does not brood over failures for long.

Horse owners like Capt Appoo make racing an enjoyable exercise.

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