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February 24, 12:46 PM
Serjeant At Arms finishes a fighting second in his debut run at Tampa Bay (the USA) on Friday. Click on the link to watch the video.  Link
February 20, 1:45 PM
RWITC to add Rs 40 lakhs to the jackpot pool on the Poonawalla Multi-Million day on Sunday. The total collections should get a big boost because of the addition. The collections are expected to gross over Rs 1 crore.
February 19, 12:01 PM
Mysore Race Club will not be conducting off-course betting operations on Hyderabad races to be held on Monday. This is in view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the city.
February 18, 10:50 AM
Mahateji who had won the Golconda Oaks has been disqualified for testing positive for a blood pressure medication. Warren Singh trained Nanhipari who had finished second has been declared the winner of the ladies classic. Warren Singh thus gets the first classic of his career as a trainer.
February 13, 5:13 PM
RWITC is showing the live proceedings of the second day's auction sale which is being held at Mahalakshmi from 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Click on the link for the live feed.   Link
February 12, 7:29 PM
Indian Turf Invitation Cup weekend races will be held on March 3 and 4 at Kolkata. Outstation horses are permitted to participate in only five graded races. The other races are all reserved for local horses only. After the high of last Invitation Cup weekend hosted by RCTC, this year it is being planned as a very low key affair.
February 12, 11:33 AM
RWITC annual auction sales will be held at the Mahalakshmi racecourse on Monday and Tuesday. All horses have to be sold in the auction ring and no private sales are allowed. About 100 plus horses have arrived for the sale.
February 11, 10:19 AM
Effective from January 24, RCTC is clearly indicating the bet value and GST on the tote ticket. RCTC is showing this fact on the tote ticket, bet value as 78 and GST at 28 percent i.e. Rs 22. The club has also decided to pay the difference amount on the basis of the above calculation for the period July 1 to January 23 under protest and file a Writ in the High Court. The RWITC reportedly is also doing the same. There is no news from BTC on this score.
February 8, 9:55 PM
Bangalore Turf Club to conduct two extra day's racing on March 21 and 22. The season had been truncated to 15 days after the club failed to get the license to conduct racing activities in time. The winter season normally is of 32 to 34-day duration.
February 2, 8:35 PM
Trainer Laxman Singh has been suspended from February 8 to February 28 for presenting the wrong horse as Hanoi and racing it. Hanoi who finished second on that occasion has been disqualified. The second time that Hanoi was presented wrongly, it was not allowed to be run. There was an error on the part of the club veterinary doctor in not checking and allowing the wrong horse to race as Hanoi the first time. Since the Stewards did not find anything malafide in the trainer's mistake, he was reportedly given a lenient suspension.
February 1, 11:08 PM
The wage dispute with syces in Bangalore is reportedly heading for an amicable settlement. There is no threat of any disruption at this point in time as the talks between the society and syces are said to be progressing in the right spirit.
January 31, 10:16 AM
The unresolved wage agreement between syces and the society could result in a strike at Bangalore. The Bangalore Derby is slated to be held on Sunday, February 11. The agreement is pending finalisation for the last two years. There is friction between KROA and the Society which is perhaps the cause of the issue dragging on. The syces union has already issued a strike notice.
January 30, 1:09 PM
The syces issue has been resolved at RWITC. They will resume work with immediate effect. There is thus no threat to the running of Indian Derby on Sunday.
January 30, 10:35 AM
Horses could not be worked at Mumbai on Tuesday as the syces struck work. They have been demanding higher wages and the negotiations have failed thus far. The issue is expected to be sorted out and the authorities are pretty confident that the Indian Derby which will be held on Sunday is not under threat.
January 27, 7:57 PM
English champion jockey Silvestre de Sousa has been booked to ride Malesh Narredu trained Aggregated in the Indian Derby. Aggregated is a winner of the Calcutta Derby.
January 24, 3:45 PM
Due to Karnataka bandh on Thursday, January 25, the Bangalore Turf Club and Mysore Race Club will not be conducting off-course betting operations on Mumbai races.
January 23, 8:20 PM
The notification issued by the Government of India gives effect to 28 per cent GST on bet value with effect from January 1. The turf clubs had been paying GST thus far on their commission.
January 23, 2:25 PM
The stewards of the Delhi race club have resolved to postpone the remaining six races to another day,which will be announced later,due to heavy under foot conditions.
January 17, 10:59 AM
On the second day of the auction sales conducted by Madras Race Club, a two-year-old by Kingda Ka was sold for a record price of Rs 20,50,000. The successful bidder was trainer Craig Marshall.
January 17, 4:53 PM
The auction sales conducted by Madras Race Club on Monday, January 15 evoked a good response. A total of 19 horses were sold in the ring, with the highest price being fetched by a filly by Arazan. The filly was bought by Mr Arun Alagappan.
January 15, 3:43 PM
Trainer Cooji Katrak has taken an indefinite sabbatical from the profession. This in effect means that though he has taken retirement, for the time being, he has kept the option of coming back after a break.
January 11, 2:04 PM
Bangalore Turf Club has cancelled the inter-venue betting operations on Chennai racing scheduled for Thursday due to a flash strike by tote employees. The fate of off-course betting operations on evening races of Mumbai is uncertain.
January 10, 2:50 PM
Trainer Prithviraj's suspension by the Stewards of Mysore Race Club for his ward Silver Ikon coming positive has been stayed by the High Court on Wednesday. The trainer had been suspended for three months and his appeal had also been rejected by the Appeal Board and his suspension was effective from December 22, 2017, up to February 2, 2018.
January 5, 9:33 AM
The Bangalore Turf Club has decided to revert to the earlier system of calculating place dividends on tote betting with effect from January 5 off-course betting. The Third Horse Pool will continue to be in operation.
January 4, 11:39 PM
BTC has been granted the license until the end of February.
January 4, 11:36 PM
Former Chief Secretary B K Das will be the Chairman of the Monitoring Committee appointed by the government to oversee BTC activities. Former IAS officer M R Kamble and former IGP T Jayaprakash, and former Additional Commissioner of Commercial Tax A B Shamshuddin are the other members of the committee appointed by the government. Two of the BTC Stewards will also be the members of this government empowered committee. Barring Shamshuddin, all the others are members of BTC.
January 4, 6:39 AM
The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has given the green signal for the license to be issued to Bangalore Turf Club at a meeting held with government officials late on Wednesday evening. The BTC is expected to conduct off-course betting on Mysore races on Friday.
January 3, 10:09 PM
The Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah has called for a meeting with Finance Secretary and other officials including the Advocate General late on Wednesday evening to finalize the issue of the license to Bangalore Turf Club. BTC is hoping to get the nod and has prepared the prospectus for the first day's racing to be scheduled for Saturday.
January 2, 3:15 PM
Barring last-minute hiccups, off-course betting will commence in Bangalore from Friday on Mysore races, with the first day's winter season commencing on Saturday. BTC is expected to get the license on Tuesday.
December 31, 9:52 PM
The composition of the monitoring committee is said to be the reason for the delay in BTC getting the license. Things could crystallize in the next few days.
December 27, 11:00 AM
BTC is still waiting for the good news from the government, Chairman Harimohan Naidu says. The court-mandated monitoring committee which was decided upon by the government officials and BTC is awaiting the nod from Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who has been busy and is on tour of the state. BTC was hoping to get the license on Tuesday and resume at least off-course betting activities from Wednesday. Chief Minister's consent is critical for BTC to be restored the license which has been denied to the club since September 1.
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