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January 24, 10:09 PM
Racing to move to Mahalakshmi in the last week of February. The Indian Derby has been moved to as late as March 28. The Indian Turf Invitation Cup has been planned to be held for a single day on April 18. This is the news coming out from the board room of the RWITC.
January 20, 2:58 PM
The Mysore Racing Season which had been suspended will resume from February 1. A total of six race days have been planned.
January 19, 9:33 PM
The Government of Maharashtra has permitted the resumption of racing at the Mahalakshmi with the existing restrictions. Decks are thus cleared for racing to resume at Mumbai.
January 18, 6:49 PM
Beneficiaries Of State Largesse': Karnataka High Court Holds Bangalore Turf Club, Mysore Race Club As Public Authorities Under RTI Act Click on the link to read the report and get the full order copy.   Link
January 18, 11:11 AM
The Mysore Race Club will not be conducting off-course betting operations on Delhi races to be held on Tuesday, January 19.
January 17, 4:38 PM
There was a mishap during the running of the Calcutta Derby Stakes on Sunday. Zoya who was leading the four-horse field broke down midway during the race disturbing Apsara Star whose jockey Y S Srinath came a cropper. Both Trevor who was astride Zoya and Srinath escaped without any bruise and are eligible to ride. Unfortunately, Zoya broke her legs and was euthanized. Favourite Black Pearl had no problem in beating stablemate Cliffhanger to win the Derby with ease.
January 17, 11:53 AM
One of the well-known passionate racing enthusiasts of the game, Seetharam, passed away in Chennai a few days ago. Seetharam was a regular presence at all the racecourses in the country. He was also well known to the racing professionals all over the country. He also worked in the Madras Race Club as a Liason Officer briefly.
January 17, 11:57 AM
H Massod Khan, Special Correspondent of The Hindu at Chennai passed away due to COVID related complications. He was 53. He was a highly regarded track reporter and was respected by the professionals for his understanding of the game. He was also a leading tipster for three years in a row at Chennai. Racingpulse offers its condolences to the bereaved family.
January 16, 6:24 PM
Setback for Bangalore Turf Club as the High Court of Karnataka rules that the club comes under the Right To Information Act. BTC will surely face a number of uncomfortable questions about its various acts of commission and omission and the shenanigans of its Stewards and Committee members.
January 15, 4:21 PM
In a big development, the turf clubs which are located in South India namely MRC, BTC, HRC and Mysore Race Club have accepted to have a combined jackpot pool. This decision was taken at the meeting held at Chennai during the Derby day.
January 13, 7:58 PM
The eighth race held at Chennai was declared null and void due to a technical hitch in the start of the race.
January 8, 3:41 PM
Due to persistent rain and poor visibility, the Stewards of RWITC have resolved to cancel the last four races of the day. The first four races of the day went off without a hitch before conditions deteriorated.
January 7, 8:03 PM
RWITC has been granted permission for conducting online betting on its races.
January 6, 4:22 PM
The Madras Race Club has cancelled the races to be held on Thursday, January 7 in view of persistent rain and heavy underfoot conditions.
January 6, 3:28 PM
Chennai has been battered by heavy rain putting a question mark about Thursday's races.
January 6, 3:29 PM
After a lengthy negotiation, the authorities have been able to convince the jockeys to complete the remaining races of the day. The jockeys had protested and informed the authorities of their unwillingness to ride after the completion of the fourth race citing unsuitable underfoot conditions.
January 6, 2:43 PM
The jockeys reportedly have refused to ride after the running of the fourth race at Hyderabad stating that the track conditions are not conducive.
January 4, 11:03 AM
This year's Indian Turf Invitation Cup weekend races in jeopardy as RWITC has reportedly expressed its inability to conduct the same due to Pandemic related issues. Madras Race Club is not prepared to step in at a short notice.
January 3, 11:39 PM
Jockey Yash Narredu who had a fall on Noble Queen during the running of the Gr 1 Indian 1000 Guineas at Pune has reportedly suffered a fracture of the collar bone.
January 3, 11:23 PM
The races scheduled to be held on Monday at Hyderabad have been postponed to be held on Wednesday, January 6.
January 3, 4:58 PM
Apprentice jockey Jeetendra Singh died of a cardiac arrest following his fall in the fourth race astride Gold Label at Hyderabad on Sunday. Jockey Md Ismail on Whiskery also fell but escaped with minor bruises. The last race of the day was postponed to be held on Monday as the jockeys did not want to continue with the proceedings. Racingpulse offers its condolences to the bereaved family.
January 2, 1:44 PM
Jockey Irvan Singh who had a bad fall on Chaitanya during the running of the sixth race at Chennai on Friday has been admitted in the hospital in the intensive care unit. The doctors have said that his condition has stabilized.
December 19, 10:17 AM
Hyderabad Race Club has re-framed the classics that were cancelled earlier citing Pandemic and logistical reasons. The ostensible reason for the cancellation was the fact that the advertised added money was withdrawn for the classics was withdrawn by the club and the club received a legal notice in this regard.
December 17, 2:48 PM
The Hyderabad Race Club to allow for betting on totalisators during races at both the club premises and outside betting centres from December 20. The number of people, however, will be restricted. The morning counters will function as usual.
December 17, 2:35 PM
The Division Bench of the Karnataka High Court disposed of a PIL filed against online betting after the government had informed the court that it had withdrawn the permission given to Bangalore Turf Club and Mysore Race Club. The Division Bench had queried the government under which Rule was permission accorded for online betting. The matter became infructious after the government's flip flop.
December 17, 10:28 AM
The Mysore Winter Racing Season has been suspended and it will be resumed in the month of January. The reason attributed is the loss incurred by the club in conducting racing in the absence of spectators and the cancellation of online betting.
December 15, 1:00 PM
Click on the link to get live streaming of Tuesday's races to be held at Madras Race Club.   Link
December 13, 4:18 PM
Madras Race Club to launch its online betting operations from December 14.
December 13, 9:52 AM
Hyderabad Race Club will be conducting totalizator transactions during live racing through also. Both and will be operational.
December 10, 8:30 PM
The Karnataka Government has put on hold online betting on horse racing until the PIL is disposed of by the High Court Division bench. The turf clubs at Bangalore and Mysore had been conducting online betting since mid-November.
December 10, 6:47 PM
The Hyderabad Race Club has decided to cancel all the classics of the winter season citing Pandemic and logistical difficulties.
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