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Ameeta Mehra
Ameeta Mehra [ Breeder ]
Ameeta, pioneer in many ways

Not all race horse breeders in India are as qualified as Ameeta Mehra. She has excellent academic credentials to run a stud farm of the magnitude of Usha Stud Farm. She has also inherited the requisite skills from her legendary father Maj P K Mehra who initially set up the stud farm in his own backyard before taking it to dizzy heights. Today Usha Stud Farm stands for excellence, achieved through careful selection of its stallions, broodmares and excellent upbringing which has taken Indian breeding to a different level. View profile

Mr K. N Dhunjibhoy
Mr K. N Dhunjibhoy [ Owner ]
Khushroo Dhunjibhoy, sporting to a fault

Khushroo Dhunjibhoy is one of the biggest promoters of the sport in every sense of the term. Apart from being a stud farm owner, Khushroo as he is called by his close associates, is a leading race horse owner and is very passionate about his horses. He has had the privilege of owning some top notch performers who have practically won every big race that there is to be won. View profile

Shappor P.mistry
Shappor P.mistry [ Owner ]
Shapoor Mistry, shy and unobtrusive.

Very few can match the enjoyment that Shapoor Mistry exudes each time a horse bred by him passes through the winning post in a big race. Shapoor is a keen racegoer and makes it a point to be present when his wards run given the constraints imposed on his time by the demands of his business operations. View profile

Captain Jamshed Jimmy Appoo
Captain Jamshed Jimmy Appoo [ Owner ]
Capt Appoo, high profile all-rounder.

Capt Jamshed Appoo shot into limelight in the last decade as a leading race horse owner with a string of good horses which made an immediate impact on Indian racing. One of his earliest purchases, Lady Moura won a bagful of graded races, went to Singapore to race there and came back as a broodmare and proved her worth at the stud farm by foaling the multi-classic winning Sweeping Success and graded race winner and champion sprinter Lady One. View profile

S Padmanabhan
S Padmanabhan [ Trainer ]
Paddy, trainer with magic touch

Sadakshara Reuben Padmanabhan has scaled the ladder dramatically in the last decade and he is now acknowledged as one of the best trainers on the Indian racing circuit. The trainer with an intellectual bent of mind, Padmanabhan has impressed all and sundry by the meticulous manner in which he has obtained optimum results from his wards as also for the manner in which he turns out his wards. Horses trained by Padmanabhan stand out in paddock parade for the glow that the horse carries thereby indicating the well being of the horse. View profile

Imtiaz.a.sait [ Trainer ]
Imtiaz, veteran with an eye for detail.

Imtiaz Sait is one of the most successful trainers in the country. With over 100 Graded race victories under his belt, the veteran trainer has been a model of consistency. The Mumbai based amiable professional has been a shrewd trainer, placing his wards to get remarkable results. What distinguishes Imtiaz from other trainers is his attention to detail, ability to assess and target his wards to the best of their ability. View profile

Dallas Todywalla
Dallas Todywalla [ Trainer ]
DallasTodywalla, dashing in every sense

Dallas Todywalla is a trainer who has made a striking appearance on the Indian race track be it for his debonair looks or for the results that he has obtained through the horses entrusted to him. View profile

C Rajendra
C Rajendra [ Jockey ]
Consistency, Hall Mark of Rajendra

C Rajendra is a name synonymous with achievement. The pint sized dynamo has been excelling in the saddle season after season and has been the champion jockey at Mumbai and Pune for an incredible 25 times! This is a record that will be hard to beat given the level of consistency with which one has to perform. View profile


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