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Usha Stud Farm: A Legacy in Grit, Grace, & Glory

  March 25 , 2024

The saga of Usha Stud Farm, a veritable epitome of excellence in the realm of horse breeding, is immortalized within the pages of "Grit, Grace, & Glory." This opulent coffee table tome traces the remarkable journey of Usha, from its humble origins in the backyard of Maj P K Mehra to its exalted status as the premier nursery of champion Thoroughbreds in India.

With unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence, Usha Stud Farm has etched its name in history, claiming the coveted title of Champion Stud Farm for a record number of years including winning on the last three occasions consecutively. Through foresight and strategic planning, the farm continuously imports elite stallions, ensuring an unbroken lineage of greatness and safeguarding its position at the zenith of the equestrian world.

Central to its unparalleled success is Usha`s innate ability to discern stallions perfectly suited for Indian conditions, acquiring them with precision and reaping unprecedented triumphs. Complemented by the acquisition of quality mares, including offspring from the farm`s most illustrious sires, Usha ensures a pedigree of unparalleled distinction. In every hoofbeat and every triumph, Usha Stud Farm stands as a testament to perseverance, foresight, and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of equestrian greatness.

Following the tragic loss of Maj P K Mehra in a helicopter crash at the turn of the century, Ameeta Mehra has emerged as the indomitable force behind Usha Stud Farm`s continued legacy. With singular dedication and relentless determination, Ameeta has safeguarded the farm`s pre-eminence, refusing to yield an inch to competitors. Her tireless efforts have propelled Usha Stud Farm to unparalleled heights of excellence, reflected in its unrivalled dominance in the Derbys, especially in the record haul of 15 in the Indian Derby. The preceding year saw Usha Stud Farm produce win a record haul of 17 classics in one year. Embracing innovation, the farm has imported new stallions Deauville and Plumatic in the recent past, ensuring its position at the vanguard of breeding advancements. The current leading sire Speaking Of Which is not showing any signs of losing his grip on the classics in India through his progeny.

Each stallion handpicked and imported by Usha Stud Farm has ascended to the hallowed ranks of the Hall of Fame, as decreed by the exacting standards of the Stud Book of India. Indeed, Grey Gaston, Common Land, Razeen, Multidimensional, and Speaking of Which have all left indelible marks on the Indian breeding landscape as influential sires.

Grey Gaston, the first resident stallion of Usha Stud Farm, was renowned for his speed and versatility, traits that he passed on to his progeny. Grey Gaston`s offspring often displayed a remarkable ability to excel in various racing disciplines, making him a sought-after stallion in breeding programs. Common Land produced progeny known for their consistency and competitiveness. His offspring frequently found success on the racetrack, earning him a reputation as a reliable source of quality racehorses. Common Land sired a record number of Indian Sprinters Cup winners. Razeen is arguably one of the most influential sires in Indian racing history. Known for his exceptional speed and stamina, he sired numerous champions and left a lasting legacy in the breeding industry. His offspring dominated the racing scene for years, cementing his status as a top stallion. Multidimensional carried on the legacy of his illustrious ancestors, proving himself as a versatile and prolific stallion. His progeny exhibited a wide range of talents, excelling in sprint races as well as longer distances. Multidimensional`s impact on Indian breeding continues to be felt through the success of his descendants. Although relatively newer compared to some of the other stallions mentioned, Speaking of Which has quickly made a name for himself as a sire of exceptional talent. His offspring have shown promise on the track, hinting at a bright future for this emerging stallion.

The coffee table book produced by Usha Stud Farm undoubtedly fills a significant void in the literature on Indian racing. Its meticulous documentation of the farm`s achievements serves as a captivating narrative that not only showcases the farm`s accomplishments but also sheds light on the broader history and evolution of horse racing in India.

By highlighting its own achievements, Usha Stud Farm effectively becomes a custodian of Indian racing history. Through captivating imagery and well-crafted articles, the book offers readers a comprehensive insight into the world of horse racing in the country. This serves as an invaluable resource for enthusiasts, researchers, and collectors alike, providing them with a tangible piece of Indian racing heritage.

Furthermore, the book`s contribution extends beyond merely chronicling the farm`s successes; it also serves as a catalyst for preserving and promoting the legacy of Indian racing. By filling the gap in the literature, it encourages further exploration and appreciation of the sport, fostering a deeper understanding of its sporting significance.

Several captivating articles feature contributions from esteemed figures in the racing world. Maj Nargolkar, a fellow cricket enthusiast whom I often encountered while covering cricket matches where he served as a radio commentator, brings forth a wealth of knowledge about the Usha Stud Farm. His longstanding association with the farm has granted him insights into its remarkable journey to prominence. Additionally, there`s an article penned by my dear friend Rolf Johnson, known for his exceptional writing skills, who graciously shares his insights with Racingpulse on a regular basis. The book has a foreword by Padma Vibhushan Dr Karan Singh, the titular Maharaja of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. Karan Singh also owned the Jammu Stud Farm.

In essence, the Usha Stud Farm coffee table book not only fulfils the void in information on Indian racing but also becomes a cherished collector`s item, offering readers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of the country`s horse racing heritage.

While the price of Rs 3150 may initially seem high for a coffee table book, it`s important to consider the value proposition offered by the book. The high production values and the considerable expenditure involved in producing such a comprehensive publication justify its price. For enthusiasts and collectors passionate about Indian racing, the value derived from owning a well-curated, visually stunning book that encapsulates the history and achievements of Usha Stud Farm can far outweigh the monetary cost.

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Posted by R Naresh on ( March 26 , 2024 )
How / Where do I buy a copy of this book.

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