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Blundering BTC gets another legal setback

  April 27 , 2024

The Bangalore Turf Club, once a beacon of credibility is now a shining example of how to bungle things up royally. It`s like they`ve made it their mission to see just how far they can plummet in the public`s esteem.

Their recent antics? Oh, they`re a real treat. Suspending professionals left, right, and center without so much as a nod to due process? Check. Handing out punishments that would make even Kafka raise an eyebrow?

Oh, let`s all give a round of applause to the Bangalore Turf Club for their latest masterpiece in mismanagement! They`ve outdone themselves this time. I mean, who knew a therapeutic drug could be twisted into a dastardly illicit substance by the power-hungry minds at the club? Science? Pfft, who needs it when you`ve got authority and a superiority complex the size of a racecourse?

And don`t you love how they play judge, jury, and executioner all in one fell swoop? Forget about evidence or fairness, or whether guilt is beyond doubt, it`s all about flexing that institutional muscle and showing who`s boss. And when things inevitably blow up in their faces, what`s their brilliant solution? Throw money at legal battles like confetti at a parade, all in a desperate bid to salvage their bruised egos.

Ah, the Bangalore Turf Club, is undoubtedly now careening down the slopes faster than a horse on performance enhancers! Remember when they actually had a shred of respectability?

Let`s not overlook the pi├Ęce de resistance: Aravind Raghavan`s stroke of sheer audacity, slapping trainer Padmanabhan with a lightning-fast two-year ban before you can even utter "drug test." It`s akin to a twisted game of legal whack-a-mole, yet they consistently miss the target! Why does Aravind always find himself in the spotlight? The Stewards themselves worship at the altar of Aravind`s legal prowess, blindly adhering to his every command. The esteemed members of the Stewards of the Club appear to have relinquished their voices and minds somewhere along the journey. They`re merely puppets, dancing to the tune of Aravind Raghavan, the self-proclaimed legal virtuoso.

The BTC authorities are petty tyrants, branding anyone who dares challenge them as insubordinate. They relish in inflicting further hardships, even after a legal blow. In their world, brute force reigns supreme, and they won`t hesitate to unleash harassment upon those who dare question their flawed authority. It`s a tragic shame that the voices of reason within the committee remain stifled.

BTC has substantial resources to fuel its legal maneuvers, yet claims insolvency when fulfilling obligations to increase stakes, settle with the government, and remit GST taxes collected from the public. They conveniently cite disputes to justify withholding full payments. Their lax approach to licensing bookmakers contrasts sharply with stringent scrutiny of racehorse owners, yet ironically, they often grant ownership permissions to individuals with questionable backgrounds.

The BTC demands unwavering submission to its flawed judgments from the professionals and others coming under their jurisdiction. Yet, when faced with court rulings against them, they persistently file numerous applications to torment those who dare challenge them legally. It`s high time the club`s members delineate the boundaries of the club`s authority in legal matters. The Managing Committee cannot be granted unchecked power to drag matters into court without regard for the exorbitant costs and the detrimental impact it inflicts on the sport.

With legal defeats accumulating at breakneck speed, you`d expect them to wise up. But no, they persist in digging themselves deeper into the quagmire. Let`s pray they snap out of their power-tripping stupor before their reckless blunders exact a heavy toll.

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Total Comments : 3
Posted by Joseph awale on ( April 28 , 2024 )

The most important and strange thing is that turf clubs around India are following different medication fact when the drugs are the so are the thoroughbreds then why different medication rules. For eg a random sample test in rwitc or mysore is different than that in Bangalore the consequences are that a padmanabhan or a sharat Kumar are facing these harsh and unwanted punishments. It`s high time that the trainer`s around India come together and insist on a common rule.

Posted by SINNDAAR on ( April 27 , 2024 )
Similarly the 1 year suspension of jockey Sandesh by the RWITC stewards was a grave injustice and misuse of power. The horse Dream Alliance on which he was suspended has never won a race in its career till date, nor will it will in future , but the illogical decision of the stewards that the horse would have definitely won and the arbitrary action , speaks of ill intent. All erring professionals must be punished but as justice done should also be seen to be done , so also the misdeed of the professional should be clearly visible to all to be acceptable , which in the case of Sandesh was totally unacceptable.
Posted by V.k.sharma on ( April 27 , 2024 )
contrary to the accepted norms, at BTC "clowns enact the role of Hamlet,Rappers compose Symphony! The"mandarins",like the Ostrich dip deep into the sand.Trainer Padmanabhan is favourite of many and your blog,as a crusader had highlighted his case.BTC has an aptitude to get entangled in legal matters(to spend lavishly)Padmanabhan sir should file a case seeking compensation for his loss of reputation and earnings.As a
crusader of good causes if Racingpulse starts fund collection,I will be the first one to contribute--in case Padmanabhansir has any problem.

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