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Judge postpones ruling on BTC license issue

  June 13 , 2024

After a comprehensive presentation by the Advocate General representing the Government, Justice Krishna Kumar has adjourned the hearing of the Bangalore Turf Club`s petition for a stay on the refusal of their license and the High Court`s directive for issuance of the license has been rescheduled to Friday afternoon. The Advocate General has not yet completed his arguments, as he has numerous citations supporting the government`s decision to deny the license, based on allegations of tax evasion by the bookmakers and collusion among the turf club officials. Following the conclusion of the Advocate General`s arguments, the petitioners` counsel will present their counterarguments. A ruling is anticipated sometime next week.

The Advocate General argued that the Bangalore Turf Club is limited to petitioning the government for license consideration and that the scope of judicial review is restricted. Furthermore, the Advocate General asserted the State`s right to refuse, withdraw, or cancel the license at any time. He contended that there was no violation of the principles of natural justice, as the statute does not mandate a hearing before issuing an order, leaving it to the discretion of the authorities. The State, having sought reports from various authorities and conducted an inquiry, was convinced of the necessity to deny the license to the Bangalore Turf Club.

The Judge noted that “Rule 5 of the licensing rules was not complied with.” The Judge indicated a willingness to stay the government`s refusal to issue the license but granted the Advocate General additional time on Friday to complete his submission.

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Total Comments : 2
Posted by K. Vijayakumar. on ( June 13 , 2024 )
Sharan kumarji,
I hail your concern for thriving horse racing in India. Even the BTC official are showing that much curiosity as you did. As you apprehend let us hope for the much desired verdict received from the judiciary tommorrow
In as much as the court verdict is in the offing, we the punters will continue our patronage to this royal sport as always.thank you so much for your concerted efforts.

K. Vijayakumar.
Posted by VISWANATHAN T.S on ( June 14 , 2024 )
A Chief Educational Officer after thorough inspection of a school under his jurisdiction finds irregularities in the school mainly financial. Is it right on his part to close the school straightaway? Should you not try to put the school in order by taking corrective measures? Should you not keep the interests of the stakeholders in mind before taking hazardous actions? What has the govt done in this case is almost the same as that of the CEO. This is purely politics with personal agenda. Take to task the erring officials of BTC but run the show as a case is pending in the Supreme Court. Thanks Sharanji for ur regular updates.

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