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Major Setback for BTC as Racing Comes to a Halt

  June 22 , 2024

In a significant blow to the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC), the Division Bench of the Karnataka High Court, consisting of the Chief Justice N J Anjaria and Hon`ble Judge Arvind, has halted the racing and betting operations of BTC. The court has stayed the Interim Order of the Single Judge, and prohibited BTC from conducting any racing or betting activities until the writ petition is resolved by the Single Judge. The next hearing is scheduled for August 13.

Earlier, Justice Krishna Kumar had provided temporary relief to BTC by reinstating its license to conduct racing and betting under the conditions that were in place as of March. BTC had prepared racing cards for events planned for Saturday and Sunday. However, the state government challenged this decision, arguing that the Single Judge had overstepped his authority, infringing upon the roles of the Finance Secretary and Home Secretary. The government maintained that the discretion to grant a license under the licensing act solely rested with them.

The Division Bench sided with the state government, suspending the Single Judge`s order and setting the next hearing for August 13, effectively cancelling the summer racing season.

BTC`s leadership has been plagued by mismanagement, especially evident during this crisis. Instead of negotiating a settlement after accusations of collusion in illegal betting, Chairman Aravind Raghavan and CEO M.K. Kiran, who were both charge-sheeted along with bookmakers, clung to their positions. Their refusal to resign despite fraud accusations has only worsened the situation. A complete resignation of the managing committee might have smoothed negotiations with the government, but instead, they focused on internal politics, such as re-employing retired attendants and favoring certain trainers to create special facilities.

The continued decline of BTC, exacerbated by the silence of senior members, has led to the current chaos. The halt of summer racing has severe repercussions for the racing industry in India, causing immense distress to stakeholders and leaving racing enthusiasts deeply disappointed by this disastrous outcome.

The BTC has not only failed itself but has also dragged down the entire racing industry with its arrogance and misguided belief in its own invincibility and lack of accountability. Corruption has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, remaining unchecked over the last decade, and has now culminated in this disaster. BTC`s delusion of having the power to fight the government, when their operations are entirely dependent on government approval, has led to this catastrophic outcome. This misguided defiance against the government, despite the necessity of its support, has proven to be the BTC`s undoing.

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Total Comments : 6
Posted by speedo on ( June 22 , 2024 )

This is SOLELY due to the HOLLOW arrogance of the management BLINDLY supporting the chairman. ANDHER NAGARI CHAUPAT AUR POPAT RAJA.....

The only solution to the local owners /trainers/ jockeys is to settle down in different racing clubs ASAP & other racinng clubs should accommodate them by increasing more race days...
This is for the larger benefits for racing & its community...
Posted by Sridhar on ( June 22 , 2024 )
It is really unfortunate that due to the arrogance behaviour of the committee especially wrong advice by Shivkumar Kheny to challenge the government order has back fired BTC putting the owners and the professionals in jeopardy. It would be better for the whole committee to resign I`m the light of a decision of High Court not granting them permission to race. Now the matter is posted for 13th August and then it will drag for another one year for the final decision, till such time the BTC can very well just shut down.
Posted by V.K.Sharma on ( June 23 , 2024 )
My condolences.All your concerted efforts could not succeed in giving us "RACE BHAGYA".The Hon.judges were right in their verdict as the accused officials continued to cling to their executive positions leaving room for tampering the evidences.In normal situations the accused persons with integrity and self-respect and are innocent, resign or failing which remanded to judicial custody to prevent tampering of evidences.
As I had mentioned earlier,to quote again " Clowns should not try to enact HAMLET, Rappers should refrain from composing"SYMPHONY "!
When Managers become Damagers what else one can expect?
With regards,
(Rail Bird)
Posted by Vijay Krishna 005 on ( June 25 , 2024 )
There must be deep feeling and anger in the
Stewards Room that the relentless reporting
on BTC affairs by Editor of has
played a important role in this ongoing crisis...

During their regular evening Whiskey Sessions,
the Members of Managing Committee must be
cursing Sharan sir !! (pun intended)
Posted by Very true on ( June 22 , 2024 )
Yes sir.Your observations are bang on.No individual or institution can take a duly elected govt head on.In this case there are so many skeletons in the stables.The only way out would have been to sack the entire btc officialdom lock stock and barrel and then plead with the govt to conduct racing by its appointed committee in which a few officials of btc colluded technical inputs.Perhaps,it is still not too late.Let the btc members seriously consider suggestions made above.Otherwise not only Bangalore but it’s echo will be felt across the entire racing industry.As it is Mumbai,Calcutta clubs are already running on Oxygen.
Posted by Ram Gupta on ( June 23 , 2024 )
UNFAIR !!!!. And you should be saying it Sharan. Not only a setback to BTC but to INdian racing as an industry.

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