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BTC out of turbulent waters; racing set to resume

  July 9 , 2024

The resignation of the entire managing committee of Bangalore Turf Club following the government`s denial of a license to conduct activities since April 1, and the club`s failure to obtain relief from the division bench of the High Court, should clear the way for the resumption of racing in Bangalore. The government had stipulated this as a condition for granting the license. Despite a desperate attempt to cling on, the managing committee led by Chairman Aravind Raghavan finally acknowledged the inevitable and resigned along with five others. Five other committee members had resigned earlier.

The committee considered appealing the division bench`s orders in Suprene Court which upheld the government`s right to grant or withhold the license at its discretion. However, wiser counsel prevailed as senior members of the turf authority advised against this, fearing that any setback could set a precedent for other state governments to take similar actions, making premier clubs vulnerable to governmental interference.

Former Chairman Uday Eswaran, former committee member Chaduranga Kantharaj Urs, and newcomers Jagadish and Dr Raghunath have been co-opted onto the committee. This committee will fill the remaining vacancies through a similar process in due course.

The club should now be able to secure the license, and racing may resume this weekend or, failing that, by next weekend. The summer racing seaon will be significantly shortened.

The BTC committee brought these problems upon itself by refusing to adopt a conciliatory approach with either the government or the stakeholders and supporters of the sport. Aravind Raghavan was driven by his personal agenda, a major disappointment as other committee members failed to keep him in check. His oversized ego led to questionable decisions, and he was forced to step down under circumstances he had not anticipated. He has also been charge-sheeted along with bookmakers and two other club functionaries under stringent criminal charges.

There are many issues that need addressing, including a case against eviction due to be heard this month at Supreme Court. The club must make peace with the government to survive these trying times. The new committee will only serve a short term, as elections will be held on the last Monday of September in the regular process to elect the Managing Committee members.

Bangalore Turf Club is facing a hostile situation but can navigate its way to safety by collaborating with all parties and recognizing it is not above the government. Many lessons need to be learned, and one hopes the club will emerge wiser from these hard times. Confrontation is never the solution to any issue.

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Posted by K. Vijayakumar. on ( July 8 , 2024 )
Mr. Sharankumarji,
In recognition of your excellent honorary service to the BTC, you are highly deserve for inclution in the BTC management committee.
Will the Karnataka government consider my view.

K. Vijayakumar

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