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Will the Chairman and government nominees resign?

  November 14 , 2017

The Special General Body Meeting called to amend the Articles of Association to accommodate 50 government nominees as members will be held on Wednesday. The overwhelming vote will be to defeat the resolution. This fact has also been conceded by the Chairman of the Club Harimohan Naidu who has said that in the event of the resolution not going through, the club is ready with its Plan B of going to court for remedy within a day or two. Ironically, the principal respondent from the government side is the Finance Secretary who also happens to be the Director of the Club. Will the Director of the Club endorse a suit against himself?

The whole exercise is full of contradictions because the Chairman of the Club is endorsed by the government and will he go against the body which nominated him? The writ petition will be against the government with the main respondent being the Additional Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary I S N Prasad who also happens to be the Director of BTC by virtue of his position in office. Can the Director be endorsing a suit against himself? In the event of the legal battle becoming inevitable, will the Chairman of the Club resign along with the government nominees because their position becomes untenable? The Police Commissioner of the City and two other members of BTC Vivekananda and U B Venkatesh are on the board of directors. Will they go against the government and still be part of the board?

These are questions that remain to be answered on the eve of the Special General Body Meeting of the turf club. Racing activities have come to a standstill since September 1 and the focus of attention of all racegoers in the country is on the meeting. Racing enthusiasts and stakeholders are fervently hoping against hope for members to see the writing on the wall and act in the best interest of the sport.

The last committee moved a resolution to increase the membership by 150 and the entire committee resigned when it became obvious that the resolution would be defeated. The previous committee had taken the step without following a technicality of seeking government clearance for the same. The present committee has taken the permission of the government and then not made any effort to ensure that the resolution is passed. Under such circumstances, the defeat of the resolution would be like passing a no-confidence motion against the committee for seeking government permission for expansion when such a proposal was not acceptable to the majority.

The decision to go to the court must be taken by the committee if this is the direction they get from the general body. However, the board must meet and then decide on the writ. For this, all the Directors of the club are expected to be present. Will the government nominees abstain from the meeting or attend the same? Will they remain as Directors once the case is filed because one of them will be the principal respondents against whom the case is being filed? Your answer is as good as mine, but the contradiction is very apparent. The last committee was faulted for going against the government endorsed chairman. And thus, the onus will be on the present endorsed chairman also to toe the government line or quit if he is not able to enforce the government mandate.

The Bangalore Turf Club members have the most violent tool which is the vote and they are determined to vote for the disruption of racing. The turf club members, by decisively voting against the resolution to give 50 memberships to government nominees will be embarking on a course of self-destruction besides causing untold hardship to the race-horse owners, professionals and others dependent on the racing activity for their survival. The cost of legal battle is enormous both financially or otherwise.

The racing activity is heavily dependent on the support extended by the government agencies. By trying to prove that their vote is mightier than the might of the government, they cannot hope to escape the consequences. Racing is in for hard times. One is not sure when the racing activity can resume in Bangalore because the proceedings in the court are never done in a hurry and it may take a few months for any hope of racing to resume in Bangalore if at all any favourable verdict is given. The chances are as good as picking all the winners in an entire day`s race card.

The other turf clubs in the South have already expressed their inability to help by providing additional races for Bangalore horses. Most of the BTC members could take the decision to vote against racing because they have no financial stake in it. Quite often it is said that the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter but if you have the conversation with the BTC members, you may well end up feeling that democracy is not for these people. BTC members have taken a disastrous decision because the good citizens among the membership fraternity have kept quiet instead of steering the way. It may be apt to add a quote here: The darkest places are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. The members have no commitment to the sport and to the large section of those who have been the pillars of the sport. They don`t mind the destruction of the sport because they are against the democratization of the club by broad-basing of membership.

The Bangalore Turf Club went on an ill-advised move to fight the government by taking the matter of ownership of the land to the courts several years ago. This boomeranged on the club and the High Court mandated that the club moves out of the premises in six months without directing the government to give an alternate land. The Special Leave Petition is pending in the Supreme Court and one is not sure when that matter will be raked up. A hostile government can have the matter heard as a priority. So far, the government of Karnataka has been kind not making any effort to revive the matter in the Supreme Court. As a goodwill gesture, the members could have conceded membership of the club to about 50 government nominees and sought concessions as a bargain. Unfortunately, members think that it is their divine right to call the shots and that their power cannot be diluted by the influx of more members. They fear that will be marginalized. The need of the hour is not just to add 50 government nominees but to broad-base it by giving membership to stakeholders.

It is more than two months that racing activities stopped in Bangalore, causing the club to lose more than Rs 25 crores. The GST has already made things difficult for the club to survive. There is not much money left in the reserves for the long legal battle besides having to maintain the overheads. The club spent more than Rs 2 crores in Supreme Court. The legal advisors had told the club that the relief may not be forthcoming in a hurry and that there will be a longish battle of attrition. They had also highlighted the consequences of the club`s action. However, the adamant members egged on by a few aggressive ones, have convinced the others that legal option was the best course left. If the members thought so, they should have initiated legal action straightaway instead of going through with the rigmarole of asking for permission for increase of membership and then voting against it wasting more than two months in the process. The club mandarins also have no alternate plan if legal remedy is not forthcoming.

Racing has been collectively let down by all sections of the fraternity including the club members, administrators, racehorse owners and professionals who by their inaction have allowed things to drift this far. The sequence of events clearly shows that there has been a total failure of leadership at all levels – managerial, administrative and more particularly political.

Hope is being able to see light despite the darkness. Unfortunately, we don`t see even a ray of hope the way things have transpired.

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Total Comments : 15
Posted by Shankar on ( November 14 , 2017 )
Good article this is end of the road for Btc
Posted by Shankar on ( November 14 , 2017 )
Good article this is end of the road for Btc
Posted by dasault rafale on ( November 14 , 2017 )
The writing is on the wall, BTC is on the verge of a total shut down,god knows where will the poor employes end up...
Posted by Chandrakant deodhar on ( November 14 , 2017 )
If this matter go to Hon.Court , the Court will allow BTC to carry on racing activities till final verdict, off course with some conditions & BTC will have no problem !
Posted by n shivakumar on ( November 14 , 2017 )
Posted by M.S.H. on ( November 14 , 2017 )
Mr. Sharan, it is a good Bird view of crisis`. Even a tea vendor would not have wasted so much of time by simply sleeping on the matter. It happened only because of the selfish, egoestic, useless BTC and its members. It is not surprise if this much knowledge is known to its head weight members and they will not bother also. Because for any wrong thinking from their side they are not going to loose anything but RS. 20/_. But if the problem solved on its own then their perks and sudo_pristage are safe. As I already told, one`who don`t want responsibility should not be respected at all.
Posted by Murali on ( November 14 , 2017 )
I think the turf club, owners association, trainers association are all interlinked being part of the same whirlpool. Hence there is an absence of a strong stand. This is the biggest lacunae which can cause the downfall of the club itself. There are wheels within wheels. The members will vote for their ego and not for the survival of the sport. The situation is indeed depressing, to say the least.
Posted by dasault rafale on ( November 16 , 2017 )
Its not tug of war its `Thugs at war` btc is ruled by thugs ,its a shame..
Posted by Prinit on ( November 16 , 2017 )
With this move they have killed the hen that laid the golden eggs. Now no racing, no money,
No money no club
No club no members!
Posted by V.N.Babu on ( November 14 , 2017 )
Dear Sharan,

How can you say that racing has been let down by the whole fraternity inclusive of the owners and professionals. The bossism of the politicians and the adamant approach of the members who lack a proper leadership and have nothing to lose are to be blamed and not the owners and professionals. The Punters are the major contributors for racing to survive followed by owners who invest
because of their enthusiasm in the sport and are still buying horses from breeders who don`t reduce their prices in spite of the GST factor and the risk of racing closing down and last but not the least the professionals whose dearth in india is a known fact.
Posted by Sanath on ( November 15 , 2017 )
Feel it is trick of government to occupy race course , de-notify and sell, as the election are scheduled shortly and needed money , very good game from Government and Back stab supporters of Race course
Posted by Savi on ( November 14 , 2017 )
Hi All,

If tomorrow resolution nt came thn for sure it will never continued by BTC, I think still 90% it`s flopped Tom still members need briyani party so they all sit and nice have and they wil go it`s nt mistake for those, 250rs Annual Fee may them to play lik tht better BTC get vanish so sum foreign country take charge wht all public say abt diz
Posted by David on ( November 14 , 2017 )
I think Class VB trainers like Sharat Kumar, Narayan Gowda, Lokanath and Dominic have not realised the consequences of the vote against the resolution. They will have nowhere to go. The bigger trainers can at least their wards in classics and million and eke out some income. These trainers have no horses which can race in these big races and hence will be struggling to maintain horses and earn a livelihood without racing. They are yet to understand the gravity of the situation though one of these trainers mentioned is also the President of the Club. He thinks the proximity with the Chairman is an end by itself.
Posted by Sudharshan on ( November 14 , 2017 )
It is sad to see the club which enjoyed the status of being the best racing centre come to this stage. The club was the best administered and racing was of the highest quality. Unfortunately, the politics played by some of the members have brought the club to this position. The BTC had the best Secretary but unfortunately, he was targetted and made to quit. The BTC is paying the price for its infraction.
Posted by Shyam on ( November 14 , 2017 )
I sincerely hope that there is at least a last minute change of heart and racing resumes in Bangalore. I am praying for a miracle though in the modern times, such a belief goes against the tenets of modernism.
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